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Agricultural Program


Judging Teams 

Throughout the year, members of the Hollister FFA Chapter participate in a variety of different judging teams.  A judging team is an extension of the classroom and allows members to experience detailed instruction within a particular area of agriculture.   In addition, participation in a judging team helps students develop leadership skills and allows them to be recognized for their achievements.  The following teams are available for students to become involved in this year:


Development Events


Development Events


Community Service

In an effort to make a positive difference in the community, the Hollister FFA Chapter actively participates in a number of community service activities each year. These activities allow FFA members to get involved and make the Hollister community a better place to live and work.  Some of these activities include the following:

  • Bourdet’s Christmas Tree Farm Petting Zoo

  • Farm Bureau Golf Tournament    

  • Buckaroo Rodeo

  • BLT’s

  • Farm Days

  • Community Cleanup Day


Leadership Opportunities

Greenhand Conference – Paso Robles/King City (Freshmen)

  • A conference for freshmen who are new to the FFA. Learn about the opportunities open to you in the FFA.

  • Meet new people from around the region and develop your very own Individual Personalized Plan.

  • Participate in relay races, BBQ’s, and exciting events. 

Made for Excellence – Monterey (Sophomores)


  • Made for Excellence (also known as MFE) is a leadership conference that teaches the required skills to become a successful leader in your chapter and community. 

  • Available for Sophomores or Juniors that have not attended MFE before. 


Advanced Leadership Academy – Monterey (Juniors)


  • Advanced Leadership Academy (also known as ALA), is run by the State Officers and seeks to develop agriculture literacy in the leaders of tomorrow. 

  • Members who have attended MFE are eligible to attend. 

Sacramento Leadership Experience – Sacramento (Seniors)


  • The four-day experience includes an overview of the California State Government, visits to State Legislators’ offices, caucus and committee meetings, guest speakers, and sessions to inform the students on current issues. 

  • An intense conference focusing on key agriculture issues facing our country. 

  • A select group of students may have the opportunity to speak to the Senate floor. 

  • An application is required for this conference. 


State Conference – Anaheim


  • The State Conference is attended by over 5,000 students and run by the state officers. 

  • Students will participate in exciting leadership workshops, listen to dynamic and hilarious public speakers, and tour innovative farms and businesses in the agriculture industry. 

  • FFA Members will have the chance to meet the new state FFA Officer team and listen to their inspirational retiring addresses. 


National Convention – Indianapolis, Indiana


  • With approximately 70,000 individuals from across the nation attending, National Convention is the largest convention for youth in the world. 

Washington Leadership Conference– Washington DC


  • 2,300 FFA members converge on our nation’s Capital for the WLC

  • An application is required to attend this leadership conference

  • Have a chance to represent Hollister FFA on a national level

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